Giuliano Bora lives in Oslo.
With his artistic research staff he has participated in numerous international exhibitions: at the Triennale di Milano with the project “USE ‒ Uncertain States of Europe” (in collaboration with Multiplicity), at the Documenta 11 in Kassel (in collaboration with Multiplicity), again at the Triennale di Milano with the project “Milano, comunità in corso”, at the Arengario di Milano OPEN SPACE with “Quartieri Milano” (in collaboration with Studio A12). For the Magazzini del Sale in Genova he developed the project “Il fascino del disordine”, and the Colorida Gallery in Lisbon showed his project “Lightscapes”.
Currently Giuliano Bora is working on a project titled “Humans” for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul. He will present in February 2014 in London a video dance work with choreographer Giorgio Madia, costumes by Vivienne Westwood and the first dancer of The London Royal Ballet Fernando Montaño.